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  • Manage your weight the healthy way! 

    On a very simple level, your weight depends on the number of calories you consume, the amount of those calories you store, and the amount of those calories you burn up.


    Many factors can influence how those calories are stored or burned.

    Stress, Sleep, and Movement can play a significant role in this.

    For instance, Stress hormones can encourage the body to stockpile fat around the middle.

    Poor quality sleep can interrupt our hunger hormones.

    Movement helps manage weight.


    When you establish and address what is driving your weight gain, and then implement your weight loss plan, you are more likely to maintain your weight loss permanently!


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    Weight management programmes.


    Some of what this session involves.

    • Examine the drivers of your weight gain/loss
    • Demonstrate how to balance blood sugars (this is an essential part of any weight management plan)
    • Demonstrate how, lack of movement, poor quality sleep & un-managed stress can cause or contribute to weight gain and poor health
    • Look at high/low GI foods (this will help you make better food choices)
    • Show you how to incorporate the foods you enjoy into a healthy eating plan
    • You will receive easy-to-prepare meal and snack ideas
    • Suggested exercises to fit in with your lifestyle
    • Empower you to manage your weight after the session ends.


    You can start with a one-hour personalised weight management session then if you need more support you can book a package of 4 or 6 sessions

    Prices range from €80-to €100 for a 1.5 hour consultation

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