• Good eating habits and lifestyle choices are habits, and habits you need to build, because your health, and your children’s health, depend on them.
    Do you have problems getting your family to eat nutritious food? Well, you are not on your own!
    It's not easy, the world has become busier, we are overloaded with information about what is healthy and what's not healthy, - throw fussy eaters-shopping lists - recipes- lunches, and screen time into the mix, and of course, we are going to feel overwhelmed.


    Each member of your family is unique and has different nutritional needs, however, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are essential for all members of the family to maintain optimal physical and mental health.


    Poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices can damage your family's physical and mental health, It's not enough to just eat 3 meals per day, research shows that the nutritional value of that food is not only important for physical health but it is also important for brain health. Poor nutrition has been linked to mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression.


    Don't despair there are simple steps that you can take today to start making healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices for you and your family. It's not about being perfect, it's about deciding to make a small change, sticking with it, and getting small daily wins for your family.


    Balance My Life offer individual family wellness programs. We have a range of programs that can be customised to meet your family's needs.

  • Some of what you will learn:

    ( you can book one stand-alone session or a package of 4 sessions)


    • The everyday foods your family can eat to support good physical and mental health.
    • Recipes for easy-to-prepare meals.
    • Shopping lists for easy-to-prepare nutritious food.
    • Snack and lunch ideas.
    • Tips for fussy eaters.
    • Key tips to manage stress.
    • Steps you can take to get good quality sleep.
    • Types of exercise to support physical and mental health for the whole family.
    • Tips to relax and de-stress.
    • Information fact sheets after each session.
    • And much more


    One of these family sessions can set the foundations and equip you with the tools to keep making small sustainable changes to your family's diet and lifestyle. One small win at a time....


  • Health and happiness for all the family!

    Get the whole family involved in the wellness plan

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    Choose to nourish your family with whole unprocessed food!

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