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    Basecamp 2010

    I have always been passionate about health and wellness, and have worked within the fitness industry for over 20 years. Even whilst working professionally as an accountant for many years, I always gravitated towards health and wellness.


    I started out thinking that I had a good understanding of nutrition, but I always seemed to struggle with all of the mis-information surrounding food, (most of which appeared to be perpetuated by the food industry), even reading food labels was confusing.

    There was no shortage of experts whose opinions appeared to change far too regularly. Identifying what was or wasn’t healthy for the mind and body was always very challenging. When I embarked on the Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching course, I fell into the course with such energy!


    I knew I had found my real passion in life and soaked up the information like a sponge. As my knowledge and awareness increased about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on my health and wellness, I decided to implement the process into my own life.


    So, I started making small changes to my diet and carefully looked at my own lifestyle choices and how they impacted on my health, both physically and mentally.


    As I went along, making small changes to my diet and lifestyle, I immediately noticed a reduction in stress levels. I hadn’t realised I was living with stress, but then a manageable amount of stress is not a bad thing. I noticed that I had much more energy, I was losing weight slowly, and my sore joints from wear and tear developed over the years were no longer bothering me.


    PMT symptoms were significantly better and I was starting each day with incredible energy!! I now have a balanced diet, I feel much more energetic, I eat the foods I like and eat more than I ever did. I know these changes came about because I became educated about the effect food and lifestyle has on the mind and body and I learned how to nourish my mind and body.


    I made small sustainable changes to my diet and lifestyle and never once felt deprived. I believe that making small changes to ones’ health and lifestyle is the way to achieving optimum health. It’s not about giving up everything you love or a quick fix; it’s about achieving a balance.


    I am now committed to helping others achieve their goals as I did by educating, coaching and supporting each person through the process. Making small changes really does work, you should never feel hungry or deprived while you implement a nutrition and lifestyle plan, and you won't with my approach.

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