• Take the time to find balance in your physical and mental health.

    The greatest return on investment is in your own health.
  • When you focus on health and being healthy first, all other health goals will fall into place!


    OPTION 1. Let's get you started on your journey..

    Your unique exploratory Nutrition & Lifestyle advisory session.


    Some of what we can do for you:

    • Analyse your 3 day food diary (this is optional)

    • Demonstrate how all systems of the body are connected and why good nutrition, movement, getting quality sleep & managing stress are essential for good physical and mental health. This will set the foundation for all health goals, including weight management

    • Demonstrate how to balance blood sugar levels, this can help prevent diseases in the body and mind and help manage/lose weigh permanently, the healthy way

    • Illustrate how to incorporate the foods you enjoy into a healthy eating plan

    • This session will equip you with the tools you need to start your health and wellness journey. You can then decide if you would like more support while you implement your new plan


    OPTION 2. Let's support you on your journey


    4 week (1 hour) personal health and wellness coaching programme

    ( these sessions can be spread out over 8 weeks for longer support)
    • This 4 week (1 hour) nutrition and lifestyle coaching program will include all the elements of option 1. (in more detail) and much more

    • We will analyse your 3 day food diary and nutrient screening form so we can identify any possible nutrient imbalances

    • Demonstrate how to support the immune and digestive systems

    • Look at the gut brain connection and how what we eat impacts our mental health

    • We will coach and support you through the process at your own pace, we will explore "readiness to change "to help you set realistic sustainable goals

    • You will receive easy to prepare, healthy meal and snack ideas, and other useful back up material after each weekly session

    • We will empower you to look after your own health after the sessions have ended

    Package of 4 one-hour consultations

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