Your family's physical and mental health


    Balance My Life offer personalised family plans to improve your family's health through nutrition, movement, sleep, and relaxation.



  • Do you have fussy eaters in your family? well you are not on your own!


    It's not easy, the world has become busier, we are overloaded with information about what is "healthy" and what's not "healthy"- of course we are going to feel overwhelmed.


    Don't despair there are simple steps that you can take today to start making healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices for your family. If you can develop a healthy lifestyle as a family, it develops good habits that children will take into adulthood. When you understand how food fuels the body and brain and the impact lifestyle choices have on long term physical and mental health it becomes much easier to make permanent changes.


    The approach we use is "The 4 Pillars for good health" (Nutrition, Movement, Sleep & Relaxation).


    Balance my life will demonstrate how all of these areas are linked and show you how to get the perfect balance in each area for your family's health...while incorporating the family's own health goals. Using this approach you will learn how to prepare nutritious quick easy meals and snacks for your family, which will make meal times less stressful. Reading food labels will become easier and this will encourage healthier choices which will make food shopping easier.


    Learn how to cut through the clutter of information and mis-information surrounding products promoted as healthy and fad lifestyle trends.


    Balance my life can show you exercises for the family that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule, and give you the tools to manages stress, and tips on how to get quality sleep.


    These are lifetime tools!


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    The 4 Pillars for good Family Health

    This one hour zoom session can be booked anytime until the end of May 2021 for €80

    1 to 6 family members can attend each session


    We will have a free 15 minute call in advance of the session to discuss items important to your family's health


    Some 0f what your family will learn:
    • The everyday foods you can eat for good physical and mental health
    • How to manage the "Stressors" in life
    • Steps you can take to get good quality sleep
    • Types of exercise & relaxation to support physical and mental health
    • How the 4 Pillars for good health are all interconnected


  • Health and happiness for all the family!

    Take the first step today

    Good eating habits and lifestyle choices are habits, and habits we need to build, because our health, and our children’s health, depend on them.

    Choose to nourish your family with whole unprocessed food!

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